2018-19 Courses

Japanese Courses starting October 2018

Whether you're a beginner just getting started, or an experienced speaker looking for more practice, there's a class for you at Step Up Japanese.

Enrol now for 30-week courses starting in October 2018.

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My 30-week Japanese courses are split into three 10-week terms, running October-June. All classes are focused on communication skills. Reading and writing practice is mostly assigned as homework.

For all courses, you'll be provided with a full course outline, so you’ll know what’s being taught and when. If you have to miss a lesson, you can catch up on what you missed by studying at home. 

I ask that all students buy the main textbook for your class. These are now available in my online shop. Apart from your textbook, all homework and supplementary study material is included in the course price.

Term Dates 2018-19

  • Autumn Term: Tuesday 2nd Oct to Thursday 13th December 2018
  • Spring Term: Tuesday 15th Jan to Thursday 28th March 2019
  • Summer Term: Tuesday 23rd April to Thursday 4th July 2019
(In each term we take one week off for half term. In 2018-19 there are no classes 30th October / 1st November, 19th/21st February, or 28th/30th May.)

Course fees 2018-19 

The best value option is to pay for the 30-week course up front. You can also choose to pay for one or two terms at a time.

30 weeks - £340
20 weeks - £240
10 weeks - £150


Classes are held at ​the Friends Centre at Brighton Junction, New England Street, Brighton - in beautiful classrooms just 2 minutes from Brighton station.


Tuesdays 6:00-7:15pm, from 2nd October

A course for beginners. The focus is on speaking and understanding simple conversational Japanese.

At the end of this 30-week course you'll be able to talk about your daily routine, describe people and places, and get around Japan using basic language.

This beginner level course is based on Chapters 1-12 of 'Japanese for Busy People 1', the best beginner Japanese textbook - now available to order in my online shop.

We'll also learn hiragana and katakana, the two basic Japanese scripts - however, the focus of the class is mostly communicative.


Tuesdays 7:30-9pm, from 2nd October

A course for "upper beginners". You'll learn to talk about travel plans in detail, describe your family and friends, and speak about your likes and dislikes.

This course is based on Chapters 13-25 (i.e. the second half) of 'Japanese for Busy People 1'.

We'll keep learning katakana, the second basic Japanese script, and some kanji (Chinese characters) and radicals. The goal of class time is mostly to get you speaking as much as possible!

Ideal for you if...
- You have some experience of studying Japanese at the beginner level
- You want to gain more speaking practice

Not sure which course to take? Contact me for a chat about your level and needs.

Thursdays 6:00-7:15pm, from 4th October

(This level used to be called "Pre Intermediate", before I discovered that no one who's not a language teacher really knows what "Pre Intermediate" means.)

Learn to express yourself comfortably in Japanese in a variety of different situations.

At the end of STEP 3 you'll be able to ask for and give advice, use a variety of different tenses with confidence, and give your opinion in Japanese.

This course will be based on a Pre-Intermediate textbook (probably the first half of 'Japanese for Busy People 2'). I'll confirm the textbook title asap.

We'll also learn and practice new kanji (Chinese characters) every week.

Ideal for you if...
- You want to gain practice at keeping the conversation in Japanese
- You can read hiragana and katakana
- You're comfortable with beginner material (e.g. have completed a beginner textbook such as 'Japanese for Busy People 1' or equivalent level) and ready to take the next step!

Not sure which level is right for you? Get in touch and I'll be happy to help.


Thursdays 7:30-9pm, from 4th October

Develop your speaking skills and take the next step towards fluency!

A class for students at the pre-intermediate / intermediate level.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to read and write at least 160 kanji (Chinese characters). You'll be able to speak more fluidly, expressing your opinions and giving reasons, and using different levels of politeness in appropriate situations. 

We'll also begin to discuss current events in Japanese, and practice disagreeing politely.

This course will be based on a Pre-Intermediate level textbook (probably, we'll use the second half of 'Japanese for Busy People 2'). I'll confirm the textbook title asap.

Note for returning students: If you took 'Pre-Intermediate Japanese' last year, STEP 4 is the next level up for you :)

Ideal for you if...
- You want to develop your skills further and to speak appropriately depending on the situation. We'll learn when to be polite or casual, formal or friendly!
- You can already read hiragana, katakana, and around 50 kanji


Classes at Step Up Japanese are taught by me, Fran Wrigley. Konnichiwa!

I've been teaching Japanese in Brighton since 2014. I love the Japanese language, and sharing that with students is a privilege I don't take for granted. My ambition is to make Step Up Japanese into Britain's best Japanese school, right here in sunny Brighton.

The truth is that learning a foreign language is not particularly easy, and it's not particularly quick. But it is hugely rewarding - and, if you get it right, it should be really fun.

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