Summer Courses

NEW for 2018 - Summer Courses!

Looking for something different to do this summer? Whether you're an absolute beginner at Japanese, or an experienced learner wanting to push yourself, look no further!

I'm delighted to offer brand new 6-week summer courses at Step Up Japanese in Summer 2018.

These classes are a little bit different to my regular courses - and sure to be a lot of fun.

Don't miss out on a summer of Japanese excitement - book your place on a Japanese course now!

Course dates

6 week courses are on Thursdays from 26th July to 6th September 2018 (except 16th August when there's no class). Each Summer session is 55 minutes.


Courses are held at ​the Friends Centre at Brighton Junction, New England Street, Brighton - in beautiful rooms just 2 minutes from Brighton station.

Summer 2018 course fees

6 week summer courses - £90

SPECIAL OFFER: Sign up for both Tadoku and Mokuyoubi no Kaiwa and get 10% off! 2 x 6 week courses: £180  £162! 

Survival Japanese for Beginners

Thursdays 6pm
from 26th July

Want to learn how to "get by in Japanese" for your upcoming holiday? This 6-week course is for you.

Aimed at absolute beginners, this class will give you the tools and skills you need to survive in Japan.

Learn to get around in Japan, order in restaurants, recognise common notices, and get help from the locals.

Practicing at home is encouraged (in fact, I'd say it's essential), but there's no boring textbook and no worksheet-style homework. All materials are provided.

SURVIVAL JAPANESE is ideal for you if...
- You're planning a trip to Japan
- You want to learn only what you need, and skip what you don't
- You need to understand what's going on around you in Japan

Maybe not for you if....
- You want to study lots of Japanese grammar - this is a survival skills course!

Tadoku: Let's Read!

Photo by Dimitri Popov
Thursdays 7pm
from 26th July

Join us for a summer of Japanese reading! Tadoku (多読) simply means "read a lot" and is a fascinating method of learning through reading.

I'm really excited to try this out together. Each tadoku session will consist of solo reading time, followed by discussion and activities.

You can read whatever you like (as long as it's in Japanese!)

Learners can choose what to read from my extensive suitcase library of Japanese manga, picture books, graded readers, short stories and light novels.

Of course, you can bring your own books to read and discuss.

Tadoku has four important rules:

All are welcome, as long as you can read at least hiragana (the first basic Japanese alphabet).

The only requirement is a willingness to read in Japanese!

TADOKU is ideal for you if...
- You want to try something new
- You want to read native material but aren't sure where to start
- You can read at least hiragana (the first basic Japanese alphabet)

Not for you if...
- You're an absolute beginner - you need to be able to read at least hiragana

Not sure which course is right for you? Contact me for a chat about your level and needs.

Mokuyoubi no Kaiwa: Japanese conversations
Thursdays 8pm
from 26th July

Do you need more speaking practice? Do you struggle to keep the conversation in Japanese?

Maybe you understand a lot more than you can say, and find that frustrating?

Join us for mokuyoubi no kaiwa, a summer course in Japanese conversation!

Each week, we'll discuss a different topic in Japanese. I'm hoping that group members will suggest topics too, so we can talk about what's important to you.

Self-study, of course, is encouraged.

**Mokuyoubi no kaiwa sessions will be conducted entirely in Japanese. がんばりましょう!**

This class is aimed at students from Upper Beginner to Intermediate levels and above. All materials are provided. There's no set homework and no textbook.

(As a guideline, this means the class is aimed at students who have at least one year of experience learning Japanese, or have completed a beginner-level textbook such as 'Japanese for Busy People 1', as a minimum, or are at equivalent level).

MOKUYOUBI NO KAIWA is ideal for you if...
- You want to develop your speaking skills on a range of topics
- You need practice keeping the conversation in Japanese

Not for you if...
- You want me to use English in class!


Classes at Step Up Japanese are taught by me, Fran Wrigley. Konnichiwa!

I've been teaching Japanese in Brighton since 2014. I love the Japanese language, and sharing that with students is a privilege I don't take for granted. My ambition is to build Britain's best Japanese school, right here in sunny Brighton. 

The truth is that learning a foreign language is not particularly easy, and it's not particularly quick. But it is hugely rewarding - and, if you get it right, it should be really fun.

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