Japanese Learning Resources - Kana Charts

If you want to learn to read Japanese, the first thing you need to do is master hiragana and katakana, the two basic Japanese alphabets.

Here are some kana charts to help you on your way!

You can stick them on the wall above your desk, on the kitchen cabinet, or in the loo - somewhere you'll look at it regularly.

Super-simple hiragana chart

If you're just getting started, kick things off with the basic sounds of Japanese. A simple chart with the 46 core hiragana.

Fully-fledged hiragana chart

Learn how to pronounce all Japanese words! This full hiragana chart has all the sounds of Japanese, including combined sounds and modified sounds.

Click here to download Next Step - a fully-fledged hiragana chart

Katakana chart

Once you've mastered hiragana, learn the second Japanese "kana" alphabet: katakana. This full katakana chart includes combined sounds and modified sounds.

Click here to download Step Up - full katakana chart