I'm Fran. I teach fun, friendly Japanese classes here in sunny Brighton. My mission is to make learning Japanese fun and easy for you.

Lots of things about the Japanese language are easy - it has simple, logical pronunciation, and its grammar is pretty straightforward.

That being said, Japanese is very different to English, and some things about Japanese can be a bit tricky as a learner. I can guide you through that. I know how you feel!

I lived and worked in Nagoya, Japan for four years before returning to Brighton in 2014. In Japan, I worked as an English teacher before moving into translation and Japanese teaching.

I also studied in loads and loads of Japanese classes. So as a student, I've had lots of Japanese teachers. Some of them were brilliant - fun, communicative classes, where I felt that I was pushing myself and learning new things. But most of those classes were really boring...

And learning Japanese should never be boring.

I started teaching Japanese in 2012, when a friend of a friend in Nagoya asked me to tutor him for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Teaching him was a lot of fun, and when I came back to Brighton I started teaching groups and private classes as Step Up Japanese.

I use a combination of interactive activities to develop your language skills in a variety of situations. We learn real Japanese as it is spoken, so you'll be able to have simple conversations from your very first lesson.

I passed the highest language of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 in 2012, and again in 2016 just for fun.

Here's what my students say about my Japanese courses:
"I think you make a great, relaxed atmosphere which is great to start off the Japanese learning!"
"It's structured well and forces me to actually work at it rather than getting complacent (ie just listening to podcasts at home assuming I'm learning!)"
"I enjoy the opportunity to speak Japanese to people on a similar level as myself, being challenged them and also learning from them. Having the structure of the course also helps to organise my studies at home."

I'd love to chat with you about your language learning needs. Come and find me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, or send me an email at fran@stepupjapanese.com