Testimonials from Step Up Japanese students:

“Fran's Japanese classes are fun and accessible - highly recommended.”

Cath, December 2017

“Great lessons, with a variety of tasks and activities which motivated me [to] speak in Japanese. Fran's lessons were thoroughly prepared and thought through with a just-right amount of homework which kept me busy revising what I learned at home. Fran is a great teacher, very approachable and really knowing her subject.”

Mariusz, December 2017

“Excellent course that massively improved my Japanese.”

Joe, July 2017

“Fran's classes are, at their core, fun and friendly, making the process of learning enjoyable and digestible. As a teacher, Fran is supportive and the work she provides is motivating, always tempered just right: never impossibly challenging, but always tempting you to step out of your comfort zone to try something new. After each lesson, I find myself keen to learn more and always looking forward to the next class.”

David, July 2017

“Fun way of learning Japanese.”

Margaret, July 2017

“I did both the Beginners' and the Upper Beginners' in one year (rather than the standard two), and found that super helpful. I'd highly recommend it, if you have a real passion for the language. ”

Daniel, July 2017

“The lessons are relaxed and fun (great if you find things like this intimidating like me). Fran is super knowledgeable and quick feedback makes Step Up lessons so much more useful than online or textbook learning.”

Mark, July 2017

“Really enjoyed the course, and despite my expectations, feel much more confident speaking and reading Japanese.”

Upper Beginner student, July 2017

“It seems very trendy now to say that classes are completely unnecessary for learning a language, or even detrimental. That you should be able to teach yourself any language using free online resources. While that may be true for some people, I don't feel it is helpful in all cases …

For anyone with further commitments (work, family, etc.) having that weekly class really helps keep things ticking over. And more importantly gives access to other learners with whom to practice (something self-learners must struggle to find.)

I saw a semi-famous internet character deride classes as 'sitting around waiting for your turn to parrot これはえんぴつです' [“this is a pencil”]. I could only think that they might not say that if they went to any of our classes, because I don't recognise that at all.”

Upper Beginner student, July 2017

“Fran does an excellent job of keeping the tone of lessons very light, making what could easily become very intimidating subject matter into something that feels very accessible and achievable. I made more progress in the first few lessons than an entire previous year of attempted self-learning.”

Philip, July 2016

“Highly recommend Fran san as a Japanese teacher.  Being from the UK, she knows the trials of learning Japanese from a foreigner's perspective and has very good empathy with her students.”

Paul, July 2016